When they said, ‘Prevention is better than cure’, it is highly probable they were talking about the Indian monsoons – unpredictable and beautiful, the rains can tough, making preparation utterly imperative.Homeowners should give attention to several key points before indulging in the preparation for a monsoon-ready house. Before the rains cost you innumerable repair charges, take precautionary measures before monsoon sets. Here are some tips that may help you take care of your home and family this monsoon, if you haven’t already. 1. Get your roof ready for the rains.2. Avoid water pooling. 3. Painting 4. Greenery Check 5. Tackle your Doors and your Windows. 6. Clean your Garage 7. Electric connections 8. Prepare an Emergency Kit 9. Furniture care 10. Take care of important documents 11. Insect prevention 12. Drainage blockage 13. Moist free interiors 14. Take care of your family health

You book an electrical repair service follow these simple tips- 1.Word of mouth – Ask around in the neighborhood. 2.Look up online for top companies who deal in home services – Simply type on the search bar – ‘’ Electrical Repair Service in Mumbai’’ 3.Just like your drivers have ratings, look for the ratings of the electricians as well. 4.Make sure he is in uniform if he is representing a company 5.Observe his ability to diagnose the electrical condition 6. Always ask for bills in case of purchase of material Since vocational training is a must these days, don’t hesitate to ask for their certification.Let us provide you with some safety tips which you can follow before serious harm is done. Always make sure electrical appliances like gaming tools and toasters are switched off when not in use. Also, before going to bed, supervise all the electrical equipments. It seems harmless but never overload your sockets. One more thing to keep in mind is if you’re using adaptors, use those bar types that come in with a fuse. The best way to avoid a shock is bringing home a residual current device that protects you from severe electrocution. Another safe bet is to fix the fuse box. Periodically keep a check on plugs and sockets to make sure they are functioning well. Also, you must supervise burnt or frayed wires on appliances atleast once a month.

Each year, on 7th April the World Health Day is celebrated. As future homecare professionals , Home Triangle marks the importance of this day by having as a main topic the “Healthy Home". The main reason we chose this theme was because having an inadequate lifestyle can conduct to the developing of different health problems. To emphasise the importance of adopting a healthy home, we have categorised the hygiene requirement of our home into different levels to keep or family fit and healthy : 1. Deeper Clean 2. Water Tank Cleaning 3. Gardening 4. Pest Control 5. Mosquito Net

If your ac unit is not sealed properly, the warm air finds its way to get inside the unit in no time. When this warm air mingles with the cold air already present inside the unit, it condenses and excess moisture builds up. 1.This excess moisture then leaks from your unit. 2.Cold temperatures During the onset of winters, when outside temperatures drop, the process of evaporation slows down, causing a water build up in the unit. Dirty filters A clogged, dirty air filter restricts the air to reach the evaporator coils. As a result the coils get too cold and freeze, and this creates a big block of ice. 4.Low refrigerant levels Just like a dirty air filter, low refrigerant levels cause the evaporator coils to freeze. When the ice melts, the condensate pan overflows and the water leaks. 5.Disconnected drain lines Improper installation of the air conditioner leads to disconnection of the drain line from the unit, which results in the leakage of water from your air conditioner 6.Clogged drain line Accumulation of dust and dirt in the drain line of your AC unit clogs the drain line.

With Holi just around the corner, along with stocking up on tons of colours, water balloons and paints, it is also the perfect time for us to introduce some colour into our home. We think it would be great to give you some vibrant decoration ideas in keeping with the festivities to spruce up and add a colourful zing to your living space for the rest of the year. 1. Lawns and terrace 2. Living Room 3. Lighting 4. Flooring

By following a few simple preventive maintenance steps, you can help protect the environment: 1.Keep your car properly tuned for optimum performance– A properly maintained vehicle improves its efficiency, reduces emissions and saves you money. 2.Drive Smart –Aggressive driving (speeding, rapid acceleration and braking) can also reduce gas mileage – as much as 33 percent on the highway and five percent on city roads. 3.Use your air conditioning only when needed. Parking in the shade and using a reflective windshield shade can help your car stay cooler when parked. 4.Lighten the Load – Get the junk out of the trunk and the stuff out of your car. Extra items weigh the vehicle down and cause an increase in gas usage. 5.Regularly check and replace dirty air filters– The air filter should be inspected at each oil change, and replaced annually or when restricted, torn, water or oil-soaked. 6.Maintain the cooling system– A cooling system thermostat that causes the engine to run too cold will lower the fuel efficiency of a car by as much as one or two mpg. 7.Tire Checks – Proper tire pressure can improve gas mileage by 3.3 percent or 10 cents per litre. Tire pressure should be checked at least monthly, including the spare.

The key to maximising the rental value of properties is understanding how to attract tenants who will pay the most or finding a way to get more rent from property. One of the first things landlords need to understand is the type of tenants who would be attracted to their type of property and location. Whichever tenant type will maximise the rent for property in a given area, the likelihood is the most rent will be achieved by making sure it is in excellent condition. For example, the rent on a new-build will tend to be at least 10pc more than on an existing home. Here are 6 simple improvements that will increase your rental income: 1. Improve the Appearance of the Front of the Property. 2. A new paint job and clean-up. 3. Upgrade kitchens and bathrooms. 4. Target specialised rental markets.

So, you are excited to remodel your kitchen. And why shouldn’t you? Home remodelling not only makes your home look good but also adds value. So, in future if you ever think about renting it out, you are assured to get a better rental income. The good news is that you can keep your home repairs costs in control. Here are a few helpful tips to get the most out of your tight budget. 1. Choose ready-to-assemble cabinets. 2. If you can, retain the existing cabinets. 3. Choose open shelving where you can. 4. Consider granite look alike countertops. 5. Cutout instead of bringing the wall down 6. Consider kitchen remodelling in stages

Its Winter and not to mention the sudden weather changes will have lot of influence on our health. Especially, the flu virus every where in the air, not to forget pollutants in the air adds up to the chances of getting infected suddenly. Many people suffer from sudden attack of Cough and Cold.As soon as we start suffering from itching throat, we start looking for common home remedies for cough or traditional quick fixes to remedy symptoms of cough. Here are some of the Effective Cold and Cough Home remedies by Hometriangle. 1. Honey 2. Turmeric Milk 3. Black Pepper Tea 4. Pomegranate Juice for Kids 5. Spiced Tea 6. Giloy Juice

CREATIVE OR COMPETITIVE? When a carpenter is creative he or she is not blindly agreeing to what the average. But he is following his dream desire which will lead to a road of successful carvings. A carpenter can also meet global standards. GIVING UP IS NOT AN OPTION Carpenters completely control the end result of their carpentry project. Sometimes you may take on projects that are too big and some others that may seem insignificant. CARPENTRY HACKS YOU ALL NEED TO KNOW OF! Carpentry can be very challenging because it involves lots of byzantine skills and techniques. It may not always be possible to book a carpentry service to solve all your carpentry woes, so it’s better you know a few basic tricks to go about your daily life efficient DON’T MEASURE UNLESS IT’S REALLY IMPORTANT When most people do any form of woodwork they will always tend to measure using a tape measure, and then dent the wood which needs to be bowdlerized down. NOTE DOWN YOUR MEASUREMENTS When you do have to use your tape measure it can be very difficult to remember exactly what you measured. Then you can jot down the measurements in pen or pencil.

1.Vacuuming Clean your carpet with the vacuum cleaner regularly, once in a week to be precise. Focus on the areas that are prone to dirt. Frequent vacuuming does not only increase the life of your carpet but also keeps it fresh and new. It prevents dirt build up, which can eventually cut the carpet fibres. 2.Don’t rub the stains, blot them Rubbing or wiping the stains can make them smudge and go deeper into your carpet leading to premature breakdown of the carpet fibres. So, blot instead for your rug cleaning. 3.Immediate care In most cases, water followed by blotting is sufficient for immediate treatment of the stains. 4.Check for colourfastness Check your carpet for colourfastness before using any commercial cleaning products because unsuited products can damage the colour and texture of your carpet. 5.Hire professional help from time to time Vacuuming regularly is a good maintenance tip but once in a while pamper your carpet by getting it cleaned with the help of professional carpet cleaners. Professional cleaning gives a new life to your carpet and if done correctly, it can help you to manage and maintain your carpet quite well.

Customized Painting – Choose any section of your wall that you feel needs a personal touch and we’ll customize it as per your requirements. Colour Consultancy – Selecting the right colour for your house can be a tricky affair while browsing through a wide range of brands and colourful shades. Let our skilled professionals be in charge of painting your house and we guarantee the job will be done. Fresh Painting – This method is best recommended when your walls have no life in them and you need to paint them from the scratch. A brilliant feature of this offering is that it uses a seven coat painting process to paint your home walls. Repaint and Touch-up of Walls – We recommend this method when your walls don’t need much maintenance. A six coat painting process is best suited under this scheme.

1.TIME SAVING The time you wait in ques or you’re stranded on the road, you can save all that time and get a driver to pick you up from the destination you choose and drop you to the location you’re heading to in the comfort of your very own car. 2. PROFESSIONALS AT YOUR SERVICE The driver who will arrive to serve you is trained and skilled in driving. All our professionals are people whose backgrounds have been completely checked and they go through various screening procedures before they are handed over the privilege to serve a customer as awesome as you! 3.100% SAFE Night outs are super sorted! Drink and drive scenes are no longer a nightmare. Your ladies night out is gonna work out as planned too. You can trust in our professionalism and stay assured that your car is in the right hands. So, are you. 4.When there are other tasks at hand Multi-tasking is not a great solution to get efficient results, especially when driving is one of the tasks. Driving when you are too sleepy is equally dangerous and undesirable.

Detergent overuse- Many people think that using a powerful detergent will give them clothes whiter than their teeth, which is not possible. Wash clothes with cold water- Cold water never harms clothes and are gentle on them, therefore it is advisable to give your clothes the right treatment. Mix and wash your clothes- Are you worried that your new clothes will be spoiled if you mix them with old ones? Don’t be, just go for it, and put them all together as they will come out just fine. Dingy clothes Dull clothes, dirty clothes or clothes that emit foul odour, all can be dealt with. Put them in the sink, tub or washer and leave it overnight. Don’t dry the stain- No one likes stained clothes because they are ugly and dull the appearance of your clothes. Drying your stained clothes will therefore damage it furthermore and make matters worse.

Microwave saves time- This useful home appliance comes with a timer that allows you to set the right time to heat a particular food or beverage. If you want to drink a glass of warm water, then set the timer for a minute but if you want to delight your senses with some scrumptious cookies, then the ideal time is 30 minutes. Heating it fast- A microwave heats food faster and in a better way. Tasty popcorns and biscuits too can be heated in the microwave. Easy to clean- This home appliance can be easily cleaned and maintained. All you need is a clean cotton cloth or a sponge to clean your microwave. Observe less, relax more- In the kitchen, you have to constantly focus on the pressure cooker or keep an eye on the boiling curry that can spill out anytime. Value of life- The life of a microwave depends on how well you clean and maintain it. Even if a problem arises in the microwave.

Select a well-established company for home moving- it is very important to select a good and renowned company for home moving and relocation as settling down post home shifting in the new city would depend to a greater extent on the quality of the shifting services. Study well the company you are choosing- It cannot be stressed enough on the fact that choosing a correct company for home shifting is actually very necessary for comfortably settling down in the new city post home shifting and so you should completely cross check about the company you have selected for the same purpose. Know your surrounding well- It is also equally important to get to know about the surroundings of the city and the society you are going to shift to. Seek a professional help for re arrangement- If you are a bit flexible with your budget then you can also take help from the moving and packing company to re arrange the basic stuff in your house. Ensure that everything fits within your budget- Please remember to see if everything goes within your budget because if it doesn’t then it would be a difficulty in settling down post the moving of your home.

Slow hard drive- The best solution to clean your hard drive is defragmenting it, although this procedure might take the whole day, but it is the best so far. Memory problem- Trouble kick-starting your laptop, it might not have enough memory to run at a fast pace. Hard drive failure- It is a known fact that if your hard drive crashes, your safest option it to take a backup. The internet is bombarded with software solutions that help retrieve your important data and the best part is they are for free. Not all keys function- Your laptop keys malfunction or springs out when you use it roughly or haphazardly spill your coffee. Laptop makers also guide users some useful tips on how to repair a keyboard. Can’t connect to the world- This can be very frustrating, but the sure shot solution for this is making sure the wireless toggle is switched on. Also, installing a friendly wireless network software that helps you connect wherever you’re at, is a good choice.

FOR ANTS- Keep ants away from your home with a blend of borax and sugar. Mix a cup of sugar and 1 cup borax in a quart jar. The ants are attracted to the sugar and later poisoned by the borax. FOR COCKROACHES- If you have cockroach issues at home, sprinkle borax powder in the kitchen and bathroom breakfronts. Avoid sprinkling where children and pets could be often spotted. FOR TERMITES- You can discriminate termite damage from other insect damage by examining any holes you find in wood. Termites usually eat only the soft part of wood, leaving the annual rings intact. FOR BUGS- To eliminate bugs entirely, the entire building should be treated at one time.

Shield your pipes: Close off faucets and open pipes by wrapping them with thick towel. Protect basement doors, windows and crawl space creeks and fissures: Caulk, seal and weather-strip. Drain outside waterlines: Do away with garden hoses from outdoor faucets, shut interior valves that lead to outside hose taps and open hose taps to drain. Administer electrically-powered tape to pipes: Do according to the manufacturer’s directions or call your local Mr. Rooter to do this. Wrap your water heater with a certified manufacturer’s quilt.:Make sure your nozzles are running. In case the temperatures drop below freezing for more than 24-hours a small leak of water or a continuous drizzle is recommended.

Another year has gone by and festival season is back again! India can never be complete without its special foods and good hospitality, and Diwali, the festival of lights, is the most awaited festival of India. Diwali though is a time to feast, many health conscious people prefer to stay away from traditional sweets. As these greasy sweets usually come in the form of gifts from family and friends, it's natural to give in to the urge and at least taste the tempting dessert. However, if you are a health fanatic and are looking for some healthy gifting ideas this Diwali, you are in for a treat. So this Diwali, why not be a little untraditional and gift everyone the gift of health. Look a little more closely at gifts, and try to combine taste with health.1. Exotic “all-natural” Fruit Basket. 2. Nuts and Dried Fruits. 3. Assortment of Herbs.4. Vouchers for Spa Sessions. 5. Creative Diyas. 6. Basket full of Tea.

Although not entirely understood, there’s a whole science dedicated to finding the connection between colors and our moods, and there seems to be a clear link between how we feel, react and tend to think, and the colors that surround us at those times. Here’s a quick guide to choosing these vital pieces of our décor, that have a greater impact on our thought and behaviour, than we might realise. 1. Neutral Colors 2. Purple Color 3. Red Color 4. Green Color 5. Yellow Color 6. Blue Color 7. Orange Color

Loose seal- It is because of a loose seal that makes your refrigerator work harder because the air slips out. To ensure the seals are not loose, you need to approach a refrigerator repair services provider to tighten it. Clean the condenser coils- There are two methods you can apply to clean the coils, the first is by vacuuming it and the second is cleaning it with a dry cloth. This can be done twice a year. The right temperature- Now this part is very crucial, because without it, your fridge will act abnormally within a few months. It is always recommended to set the temperature between 37 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit and the freezer at 0 degrees. Store more- Let your refrigerator be houseful with food items to maintain low temperature. Store more of cool food items and drinks that absorb warm air when you open the door.

TRUSTWORTHY BRAND- Choose a washing machine repair company that you feel like you can trust. Check out their reputation and their service record to ensure that they’re capable of getting the job done right and then determine which of the companies you are considering the best for the job is. PRICE IS NOT THE ONLY FACTOR- It’s important to be able to afford washing machine repair, but you should never base your decision on price alone. This isn’t always the case, and you need to make sure that you consider the service that you’re getting AND the price that you’ll pay to make the best choice. DON’T LIMIT YOURSELF- When it comes to washing machine repair, do not limit yourself to just one option or the easiest and the quickest option you find. Find at least two or three alternative. If you need a washing machine repair service in Mumbai, look out for options and speak to people. Don’t just settle for the first bet you place.

Check out the manufactures instruction- The makers of the leather sofas provide basic cleaning and maintenance instructions according to the leather quality. Adhere to those details to maintain the novelty of the furniture. Keep away the direct sunlight- shield your furniture from direct sunlight using heavy drapes or keeping them distant. Direct sunlight can cause cracks to develop on the leather and change the color and texture of the leather too. Clean it regularly- Keep the dust from settling on your sofa. Prolonged dust and dirt can get stuck to the leather and cause the color to get murky eventually. Treat spills urgently- Spilling off stuff on the leather and not cleaning it promptly can leave a permanent stain on the sofa as leather absorbs those stains.

The state of Kerala has seen the second worst flood, after 1924, in the known history. More than 300 people lost their lives, more than 1 million people were moved to relief camps, and total of Rupees 19000 crores revenue loss has been estimated by the Government of Kerala. With a lot of effort from people across the state, under the leadership of government of Kerala, we managed to bring people back to life, and provide them with temporary shelters, food and emergency supplies. The Indian Armed Forces, Paramilitary forces, State rescue agencies, fishermen, and the common people worked day and night to rescue the affected people. This was one of the most incredible co-ordinated rescue effort by the common men.SERVICE LEADER and KSIDC (Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation) have come together and initiated the ‘REBUILD KERALA’ campaign to help with the relief activities. SERVICE LEADER is bringing all service experts and NGOs under one platform across the state, and offers organised restoration activities. Users and volunteers can download the SERVICE LEADER app and schedule services by choosing exact location of impacted people. More than 20 services are currently available on subsidised rates. Electrician, plumber, carpenter, and medical services are few amongst the services being offered by SERVICE LEADER. This initiative not only makes the process easier, but also helps to track the relief activities in an organised manner. Users can select the required services and choose their location to book a service. Our team will coordinate with district agencies and NGOs and they will deliver the service at your doorstep. Users will be able to track service status on the SERVICE LEADER app and interact with customer support via chat. SERVICE LEADER also supports material donation, where our delivery team or volunteers will collect relief materials from your place and deliver it to nearest authorised collection centers, or to the needy, all for free.

Cochin as you all know is not only the Queen of Arabian Sea anymore, she is much more. Over the years this vibrant city has made its mark as the commercial and industrial capital of Kerala and is perhaps the second most important city on the west coast of India. The growing IT Hubs, airways and seaways and developing economy has made Cochin the pivot of employment opportunities and one of the most desired cities to live in. Living in the city becomes so very convenient on a large basis but it also takes its toll too. You’ve been working late for weeks on end, and the conditions at your home has gone for a toss. You are in need of dire help but you do not know whom to rely on or what to do. Now, that’s where Service Leader comes to the rescue with its thoroughly vetted service providers who assuage your guilt by landing right at your doorstep.

A BROAD TOOTHED COMB- This definitely isn’t one of your fancy vanity tips, but the simplest tips are always the best. Hair spa at salon is awesome, but if you can get the hair spa like effect while travelling, why not? SUNSCREEN SPF FOUNDATION- A sunscreen is inevitable if you want to protect your skin from the UV rays and your foundation is your everyday basic. It can’t get better than this! So have you shopped for yours yet? LIP BALM- Lips don’t lie! As lipsticks are not suitable for all occasions, but your lips are always being looked at, lip balm comes to your rescue. Make sure you take one MAKE –UP BRUSHES- Ladies, we all know how important contouring is. So how can you miss out on those pretty fluffy make up brushes? It is your Go-To Diva Tool! BODY MASSAGE OIL- Your face and hair definitely needs attention, but hey what about your body? It’s craving for your attention too. Indulge in a few minutes of body massage to leave yourself feeling rejuvenated all over again.

Happiness is intangible. And this is where Service Leader draws its inspiration from: the happiness of its users. It’s easy for upcoming start-ups to focus on profits or the numbers and then work around it. But the team of Service Leader has realized that what matters at the end of the day is the smile on the face of those awesome people that use the application. Service Leader has been receiving numerous feedbacks over the past few months. To be frank, it’s a mixed bag of positive and negative reviews with the former out numbering the latter. When the team springs into action to curb the problems mentioned in the negative reviews, the positive reviews inspire them to deliver more happiness to the users. One such review was posted by Mr. Harikrishnan Nair.As Service Leader continues to grow with each passing day, two things remain constant: What the team works for and what inspires the team. Like you would've guessed already, it is indeed the happiness of its users.

Deals are the order of the season and SERVICE LEADER understands that better than anyone else. So we at SERVICE LEADER present to our valuable customers the SERVICE LEADER EXCLUSIVE DEALS. SERVICE LEADER doesn’t bring you the normal deals that you see in the usual deal platforms. No sir no! SERVICE LEADER only procures exclusive deals from premium Brands. This is how much SERVICE LEADER values its customers. The other major benefit of this is that Our team works with the major brands in the cities to get the best deals for you, in your favorite restaurants, salons, cafes, hypermarkets, car services and many more. Even, we want you to use the deals in the same way you use SERVICE LEADER services (SERVICE LEADER for EVERYTHING), when you go out for shopping, or to have dinner with your family, or to get a beauty service or to get your car new look, just check out the deals page and avail the it. Here is how we offer you the deals: • Deals: Free deals by our branded merchants are exclusively available on the SERVICE LEADER platform. User can avail a maximum of 5 deals in a month for free. • Events: We tie up for major events and parties in the city and make the tickets available at discounted rates for users. Our booking platform enables event companies to sell their tickets online and we add our special discounts to make it a better deal. • Entertainment: Our partners offer tickets online for amusement parks, movies, and special shows at discounted rates. • Gift Cards: Looking for gifts for a wedding or friend’s birthday party. Get Gift cards from branded merchants in the city. Upgrade your SERVICE LEADER app to the latest version and avail the deals from DEAL page. All your active deals will be available in the ACTIVE DEALS page. Show the coupon at the payment desk while you are at the merchant premise. Don’t hesitate to contact us in case you face any difficulty. We are here to help you. Experience the SERVICE LEADER way of living!

February 14, a day the entire world celebrates LOVE. It is an occasion for many to express their love and affection towards their loved ones, while many will be planning to pop the question to their special person. Either ways, let SERVICE LEADER help you plan an unforgettable Valentine’s Day this year. SERVICE LEADER understands what the customer needs and comes prepared with unique OFFERS for each season. Here are the details of some of the different packages that SERVICE LEADER is offering to customers this Valentine’s Day. • The Classic: Order a bouquet of 5 Red Roses for your loved one. • Double Bonanza: A combo, of 5 Red Roses Bouquet along with some Chocolates. • Triple Treat: A mixture of Fragrance, Taste and Expression. A great way to surprise your loved one – Flowers, Chocolates and a Valentine Day Card. Well, if you think this is not enough for expressing your love, then there is more; • The more the merrier: Flowers, Chocolates, Valentine Card, along with some Cup Cakes, makes this combo a delicious one. • Larger than Life: If you want to deliver the best package for your loved one, then this one is for you - 50 Roses Bouquet, Chocolates, Valentine Card and Cup Cakes.

From a simple smile to a hearty laugh, the reactions that arose on the faces were different. There were, however, some common emotions that showed up – Happiness, surprise, and most importantly, Love. This is what the Service Leader team encountered this past Wednesday on Valentine’s Day when they set out to deliver love. The first delivery of the team was at 7 AM in the morning. The surprise gift was a specially requested cake with a personalized message on it and a rose bouquet. As the recipient stood speechless with happiness seeing the surprise Valentine’s Day gift, the team realized that they were onto something special. Having the responsibility of making someone’s day can be stressful. Similarly, being invited into a love story with an opportunity to add beauty to it is no cakewalk. But what fuelled the Service Leader team was the reactions that we mentioned earlier. As the team finished their last delivery on the midnight of Valentine’s Day, all these reactions came together to solve the puzzle – Love.

In window AC installation, first the outer case is securely fixed in the window with the help of screws. The inner unit of window AC is then firmly fixed inside the outer case with the help of screws. After the inner unit of window AC is properly fixed in the outer case, the window AC is switched on to check if it is starts properly. Then the front screen or the cover is gently fixed on the inner unit. Finally the air filter of window AC is inserted in place and the front cover is closed.

A typical window AC weighs anywhere between 20 to 30 Kilograms depending upon the size and capacity of the AC. The huge load makes AC uninstallation process an equally tricky affair as its installation.

Freon – the technical name of the gas refrigerant in the AC – with time gets depleted and needs to be replenished in order for the AC to continue cooling. Hire the best Pros for the job now!The PRO accurately determine the coolant level in the AC unit using a pressure gauge. If the level of gas, also called refrigerant is found below the normal PRO suggests a refill or top-up as per requirement. To start the coolant recharge, first the AC unit is shut down. Thereafter the gauge hoses are attached to the pressure port of AC unit. The AC unit is then turned on and allowed to run for 10 min so that it can reach a stable state of operation. Following it the valves of the refrigerant container (with container in the upright position) is connected to the AC unit. Now the AC unit is ready to draw coolant

What’s worse than a broken AC or an air conditioner that doesn’t start? An AC that is not cooling, or to say, not cooling enough.The PRO visits clients site and troubleshoots the problem of AC not cooling. The PRO first looks for basic reasons like clogged air filter and dirty cooling coil. If the filter and coils are found clean then PRO checks the key components of the AC like compressor, condenser, coolant, thermistor, start capacitor, sensor and others. After the actual problem is identified, PRO describes the problem to the customer and suggests a possible repair or replacement. On customer consent, the PRO repairs the AC. Book the best Pros in your area, now!

Are you looking to do some interior changes in your home? Do you want to fix that squeaky door or window? Hire the best carpenters near you to carry out custom home improvements, custom cabinetry, repair works and more ________________________________________ It is however not easy to find a qualified carpenter for all your requirements. Carpenter services, small or large, are quite common in every household like hanging painting or shelf on wall which requires nails to be drilled, door repair, window repair, door handle repair, door hinge tightening, lock repair, door hinge repair, minor furniture repair etc. Book from our huge selection of carpenter services available across Delhi and NCR.

Furniture making is an art and requires specialized tools and techniques. Having custom furniture made for yourself – instead of buying new ones – can also save lots of money Building new furniture may sound intimidating but with some knowledge and by hiring a qualified furniture carpenter, you can unleash your creative side and build your desired furniture designs. New furniture making includes sofa making, bed and deewan making, wardrobe and shelf making, table, stool, dining table making and chair making. The raw material required in the process can be provided by the customer or arranged by the carpenter.

Furniture repair is the most common type of carpentry service. Whether it’s a broken chair or table or misfitting cabinets, furniture repair services take care of most repair & restoration related works at home.Popular furniture repairs are sofa repair, wooden chair repair, wooden table repair, dinning table repair and cabinet repair. Furniture repair PRO conduct repairs on site. However, there are times when the extent of the damage will require your furniture to be repaired at an off-site facility.

Congratulations on your new furniture. Buying new furniture can be very exciting. Next thing, you need to assemble your furniture and put it together, piece by piece, and it needs to be done right. If you're having trouble finding furniture installation and assembly services or don’t have the right tools to do the assembling yourself, our furniture assembly services are just a click away.

No matter how good or durable your doors and windows are, at some point they will need to undergo repair or replacement. Doors and windows are subjected to regular wear and tear.As such, a periodical window and door repair service is recommended to keep them in perfectly working condition. Common door and window repair service covers problems such as door not closing, window not closing, loose door handle, broken door latch, loose hinges, faulty gasket, incorrect alignment etc.

Caramel Highlights This particular hair color style is a blonde highlights standard. If you want to go with something conventional, this caramel highlights on black hair are definitely worth a try. Golden Blonde Highlights In case you want to go for a shade brighter than caramel, try hair highlights in golden blonde. To make the color stand out better, try these blonde highlights in thicker strands on a dark brown hair color base. Butterscotch Blonde Highlights Buttery yellow highlights on a base of dark brown hair are a fun way to warm up a cool skin tone. A safe way to wear this blonde shade is to avoid starting the highlights at the root, like in this style shown above. It’s almost an ombre, that gently gives way to chunky highlights that run till the hair tips.

Electricity is a fairly complicated (and hazardous) subject for most people and all kinds of electrical services and maintenance works should be left in the good hands of expert electricians.If you're not having previous experience making electrical repairs, it’s always good to hire electricians to get your electrical repairs at home. Minor electrical works are quite common in every household. Choose general electrical work for jobs like doorbell installation, doorbell repair, table lamp repair, bulb socket repair, bulb fitting, tube light fitting, wiring, fuse repair etc.

Most people are more familiar with the benefits of rose water for skin, but few know about the pros of using rose water for hair. Adding rose water to your beauty routine will nourish your hair and leave you with thick, shiny tresses. So how exactly does rose water benefit your hair? 1. Rose Water Controls an Oily Scalp 2. Rose Water Reduces Dryness 3. It Repairs Hair Damage 4. Rose Water Improves Hair Growth 5. Rose Water Reduces Dandruff

Ceiling fan installation should be done by an expert and requires the use of correct tools. Due to the fact that it is constantly under rotary motion at high speeds, ceiling fan installation should be accomplished with high levels of safety standards.Ceiling fan installation takes a couple of hours. Common problems with ceiling fans are fan making noise, fan regulator not working, fan not turning-on, fan vibrating etc.

Wall fan installation doesn't require expert intervention but requires the use of correct tools to do it right. Just make sure you are using a balanced and stable step stool while installing wall fan if the mounting is beyond your reach.________________________________________ You may also need to drill through the wall to fix the base on which the wall fan will be installed. Wall fan installation takes a couple of hours. Common problems with wall fan are wall fan making noise, wall fan regulator not working, wall fan not turning-on, wall fan vibrating etc.

It’s where the stove fires up and where there’s fire, there’s smoke. It’s important that you don't end up inhaling a lot of it during your time in the kitchen.An exhaust fan is used to remove al kinds of smoke and unwanted smell produced in the kitchen and to help ventilate it. It can also help in dissipating the accumulated heat from the stoves and ovens out of the kitchen. Exhaust fan installation takes a couple of hours. Common problems with exhaust fan include exhaust fan making noise, exhaust fan not turning-on, exhaust fan vibrating etc.

The job of an MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) or fuse is to detect high fluctuations of current in the circuit and to protect the circuit from an overcurrent.Once they detect abnormality in the current levels and immediately break the circuit protecting electrical appliance from damage. MCB is reusable but fuse needs to be replaced every time it goes faulty.

That divine smell is lavender’s most defining characteristic, alongside it’s romantic purple shade. But besides these obvious properties, lavender oil (its most common form of use) has been proved to have healing properties and helps with pain relief especially headaches and migraine. As a beauty aid, one can use lavender oil for hair growth and not be disappointed with the results. Lavender oil is known to stimulates hair growth, fight dandruff, and soothe an itchy scalp and other infections. Its antibacterial properties also make it a good remedy for acne.

We are surrounded by appliances in our homes. They are constantly under use and make our lives more than just easier. But over time, and with regular use, they tend to breakdown or malfunction. Some appliances, such as refrigerator, require immediate attention as they keep our food cool and fresh and are a necessity of every household. Our home appliance repair service covers all kinds of repairing and maintenance related problems with your home appliances.

Keratin hair treatment has been a buzzword for quite some time now. Hair salons have moved on from promoting rebonding to keratin as the go-to treatment. It’s seen as the perfect solution for dry, frizzy hair that prone to severe hair loss and breakage.

Mr. Right offers the fastest DTH installation services across Delhi NCR. If you are tired waiting for company assigned executives to install your DTH, Mr. Right Pros can come to you in a mere couple of hours and complete the job.

The main reason for this is a blown magnetron. In microwaves, they can generally go dead, usually with a popping sound. Get your microwave repaired by the best Pros today!But sometimes when it is not working for some reason, most of your culinary activities come to a halt. Our microwave repair services can fix all kinds of problems related to any microwave of any brand including LG, Whirlpool, Godrej, Samsung, Havells, Morphy Richards, Sunflame, Panasonic and more.

Activated charcoal seems to be buzzword in beauty and healthcare. There are charcoal face masks, charcoal face washes, charcoal scrubs, charcoal toothpastes, toothbrushes, detoxifying juices, and what have you. Why though? What makes charcoal face masks a ‘miracle’ beauty product? Why are people constantly looking for DIY charcoal face masks and beauty aids? what is activated charcoal anyway?

If your microwave’s glass plate is not spinning, chances are the motor below the glass plate is burned out.Sometimes food particles get stuck or build up on the support rack and wheels of the glass plate and obstruct plate rotation. Glass plate may also stop moving when the main control circuit is at fault.

Good things are best enjoyed in small doses. That’s how we Indian women have worked our way, and our skin, with blonde hair color shades. And who wants to go global when highlights, balayage, ombre, and color melt are oh-so-much more fun to wear. As with brown and red, there’s a blonde shade for every skin color.

‘Hair highlight colours’, a much-searched term by anyone looking for a makeover. Some would like a subtle change, while others would want a drastic do over. But of course, there’s the initial confusion over whether to go vibrant or do something natural, which hair color highlights you want, which colour highlights would actually suit your skin tone and hair, should you go with a balayage, babylights, or lowlights etc. In case you wouldn’t want the hair stylist to make all the decisions for you, right, we’ve put together this highlights look-book to help you with some ideas.

Nothing can beat the feeling of stepping out with bouncy soft curls after a blow dry at the salon. You feel more beautiful and ready to take over the world. But it’s almost impossible to get the same results at home. So, here we tell you how to blow dry hair at home, what to use before blow drying hair and mistakes to avoid.

Do you have grey hair? If the answer is ‘yes’, then you are probably not a stranger to hair dyes. And yet, there are many Indian women – and men – out there who still don’ t know too much about choosing the right hair dye for Indian hair. Then there are those set of folks who do not dye their gray hair because they worry about the possible damage hair colouring could cause. Or worse, what if hair dyes increase the gray hairs. To answer all your questions, and some more, we put together this blog post on things to keep in mind when choosing a hair dye.

Getting no time to do your laundry? Try our wash and fold services. Just dump all your clothes that don’t require ironing into a separate bag. We’ll collect it from you, clean, fold, and give it back to you at the convenience of your doorstep.

Want those tough creases on your clothes to vanish? We use specialized steam ironing process that adjusts the temperature and pressure to suit the type of garment being processed. Thus providing maximum life for your favorite garments.

During the dry cleaning process, each pair is handled with utmost care and checked for any minor repair. The shoe is then thoroughly cleaned and dried in a room temperature atmosphere to prevent pasting, color and cracks.

Rejuvenate the lost lustre in your shoes with a new or renewed color. If your shoes have faded or have gotten scratched over time, recoloring is the perfect solution to breathe a new life into them

You may have experience in fixing a lot of things at home but plumbing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Plumbing issues such as clogged drains, leaky faucets, broken or damaged pipelines etc. can be a homeowner’s nightmare.Plumbing issues need to be addressed immediately in order to prevent them from exacerbating or causing further damages. Minor plumbing problems are quite common in every household. Book our plumbing services for all kinds of general plumbing services such as loose and leaky faucets, dripping tap, clogged shower head, cistern repair, toilet flush not working, clogged drain and sink or any other plumbing work. We have a huge network of plumbing contractors in Delhi and NCR to help you with all kinds of emergency plumbing services.

Water tank installation is perhaps one of the most crucial tasks pertaining to the water supply of every household. After all, it serves as the repository to provide a daily supply of fresh water.________________________________________ Water tank fitting and installation is a somewhat complicated affair and requires professional supervision of professionals. It is better to hire professional plumbing contractors to install water tanks that best meet the needs of your home. Water tank installation takes couple of hours and requires the assistance of at least 2 PROs. Installation time and prices depends upon the size of tank.

A water tank is the main source of daily water supply for every household. Even though most of the water tanks are tightly lid, over time, sediments and other dirt from the water supply get deposited in the tank and need to be cleaned. Water tank cleaning is very important to remove sedimentation, algae and dirt accumulated in water tank. Water tanks must be cleaned at least once per year. Water tank cleaning takes couple of hours and requires at least 2 PROs. Cleaning time and prices depends upon the size of tank.

A great bathroom design plays an important role in comfort factor. More importantly, bathroom fittings should be selected with the interior décor of the bathroom in mind. Bathroom fittings come in different shapes and configuration depending upon their applications.

Making sure that your home always stays clean is no easy job. The benefits of complete home cleaning are countless. The most obvious reason of a clean home is that it improves your mood and brings about happy and more productive thoughts. When you've completed your home cleaning chores and sit down to take a seat and everything looks and smells good, it’s a feeling of achievement and naturally uplifts your overall mood.That’s why forty seven percent of the couples argue about home cleaning. Well, we got your back.

Do you feel fresh(er) when stepping into or out of your bathroom? What does your bathroom mirror tell you? Do you remember the actual color of your bathroom tiles? If your answer is no, then you are in need of some serious bathroom cleaning. ________________________________________ Your bathroom is a hot spot for fecal germs and bacteria to linger. The health and hygiene of your family depends to a large extent on a clean and fresh bathroom. So, if you're wondering how to clean your bathroom or toilet, or looking for move out cleaning services, just book a case with us and let our home cleaning services team take care of the rest.

A refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in every household. It stores all kinds of food, from raw meat to leftovers to fruits & vegetables. It keeps our food fresh and our drinks chilled.

Everybody likes a get-together. So do germs, roaches and pests. ________________________________________ It’s where all the vegetables are cut and meals are prepared. Therefore, it is mandatory to regularly deep clean your kitchen with appropriate cleaning agents. While most of parts of a kitchen are accessible and can be cleaned easily, others are hard to reach, and thus require special kitchen cleaning services.And what better place than a dirty kitchen with hidden dirt, grime and moisture that gets collected over time. Kitchen is the heart of your home.

Oven cleaning is a full-time chore. It’s messy, time-consuming and the stains are hard to come off. Regular oven cleaning will not only keep it grime free but extend its operational life as well.

If there’s something wrong with your LCD/ LED TV, To avoid issues with the TV display, avoid switching it ON within 15 seconds of turning the device OFF, never spray colin directly on the device and use a dry cloth instead for cleaning purposes.authorized service pros will pinpoint the problem and suggest a corrective measure. Our pros only use original parts and strictly follow brand specified techniques to repair your TV.

Sound problem in a LED/LCD TV can be due to various reasons like faulty inbuilt speakers, damaged sound card, faulty motherboard etc.

Popular reasons behind TV start up problem are faulty power supply, motherboard or inverter board. There can be other reasons as well. The price of replaceable parts varies largely with the brand.

Does your laptop freeze during startup or booting? This turns out to be very annoying for anyone as they left with no other option other than to restart the laptop and continue trying until it turns on.

Accidents happen. But unfortunately,If you can hear your laptop turning on but cannot see the display coming up or have a broken screen, you can book a case for laptop screen repair service. Other possible reasons behind laptop display problem are dusty RAM, faulty backlight bulb, faulty inverter board, booting failure, and problems with the LVDS cable-connecting screen to the motherboard or liquid spillage in the LCD screen. sometimes our laptops succumb to our mishandlings and accidental droppings resulting in a cracked laptop screen or displacement of some of its internal peripherals and wiring.

Refrigerator is a complex machine. It is the hardest working home appliance that is operational round the clock, keeping your food fresh. Due to rigorous use and wear and tear, a refrigerator may develop issues like cooling problem, defrost problem, faulty wiring, broken drain plate, sparking from socket, door closing problem, drain blockage etc. that require refrigerator repair service.

Nothing can be worse that a broken refrigerator on a hot summer day. If your refrigerator does not cool properly, it indicates that something has gone wrong inside which needs repair. Refrigerator not cooling is difficult to fix and most of the time require a refrigerator repair expert to identify the root of the problem.

Important points to consider while installing an RO water purifier are adequate space for RO unit, correct height from ground, secure electrical connection, clean and clog free water line and pipes.

The possible causes of no water or very less water production from RO are choked feed valve, clogged pre-post filters, damaged membrane, clogged water pipes, low incoming water pressure, incorrect air pressure in the tank or faulty motor.

Is your mobile screen not clear? Does it remain off even when you've switched the phone on? Then it's quite possible that there might be some problem with your mobile screen or the motherboard.

General pest control includes treatment of cockroaches, black ant, red ant, flies, spiders and silver fish. General pest control should be done at the start of every season i.e. at least 3-4 times in a year.

Moving out also comes with its own hassles such as packing, loading, moving, and unpacking all your stuff. We're here to make relocating worry-free and easily affordable.

Are you looking to update your colour scheme? Fresh wall painting is the best way to give your home a new look. Choose the best wall painting professionals around you via Mr. Right. Just book a service and our team of consultants will get in touch with you for a detailed estimate and discuss design ideas, colour schemes

A good eyeliner and tinted lip gloss are a lazy girl’s best friend. It makes us go from ordinary to better-than-ordinary in a little less than a minute. But we all have days when we want to look a little different? Days when we want to try something new, maybe even use all that fancy makeup we bought for a special occasion another lifetime ago.

We read reviews and heard testimonials from a wide variety of women about Mac red lipsticks in general, and the Mac Ruby Woo in particular, being ‘the best red lipstick’ they’ve ever worn. So much so that we had to see for ourselves. And so, we tried the MAC Ruby Woo on seven different skin tones.

Life is too short, in deed. And what better way to start the day than with a dazzling pink lipstick. To help you discover your favourite pink pout quicker, we’ve divided this list into dark pink lipsticks, bright pinks, soft muted pink shades, and light corals and blush pink lipsticks.

The Beauty Editorial team has a soft corner for Maybelline for a wide variety of reasons: the prices are great, the collection is wide and inclusive, and the pigments are rich and last long. We also have a special love for pink. It’s lipstick shade that can comfortably transition from day wear to date night with ease. So we bought ourselves a stash of Maybelline pink lipstick shades and then went about women who could wear them best.

But before we begin, know this: dark skin tones can wear any lipstick color they like, especially red. In fact we wear it quite well! The trick is to find the shades that make us look our best.

Brown-lovers can take the first step towards red by trying this lipstick that combines the conservative brown and bold red. Medium skin tones with warm undertones would look fabulous here. Light skin tones would find this looking too red and dark skin tones would find this too brown.

When we asked Ankita to list all the red lipsticks in her makeup kit, she named just one. And once she put it on, we understood why this red is her sole choice. Her dusky almond skin tone warmed up the minute she put on this true red lipstick shade from the Wet n Wild liquid mattes. It sure did make her look bold and fierce.

Many women vouch for the powers of a single red lipstick. One stroke (provided the pigment is strong enough!) can glam up your look, uplift your mood, and inject a pout-full of confidence. But with so brands and products out there, it’s hard to choose the best red lipstick shade for your skin tone, your personality, and your pocket too. What we love about Maybelline’s lipstick ranges is that they cater to all kinds of women out there. From deep maroons to bright scarlets to metallic orange reds, there’s something for everyone, and at comfortable prices too!

When choosing foundations for oily skin, there are a couple of points to keep in mind. One, pick foundations that are either water-base, or are comedogenic. Comedogenic- formula foundations don’t clog pores, irritate the skin or cause breakouts. Two, oily skin types should pick foundations that absorb oil and prevent the skin from looking ‘shiny’. To save you the trouble of hunting the right one, we’ve curated the best foundations for oily skin types in liquid, powder, and mousse varieties

Liquid foundations are the most common foundation type in use and for good reason. Not only can liquid foundations be used for dry and oily skin types, they’re available in a wide range of coverage options, from light coverage to even out the skin tone, to heavy coverage to cover enlarged pores and dark marks. However, liquid foundation does have its drawbacks, and it takes a little bit of research to find the right liquid foundation for yourself from our list of the best liquid foundations available in the market.

All those lovely eyeshadow colors and palettes available in the market, and yet they are a rare addition to our makeup when we go out with friends or party on weekends. When you ask an Indian woman why she doesn’t wear eyeshadow, her answers range from ‘that’s too much makeup’, to ‘I’m not sure if my skin colour can carry it of.’ But a significant number of women will also tell you that they don’t know how to use eyeshadows.

Nothing stays intact like the waterproof eyeliner does. Waterproof eyeliners aren’t just for the monsoons, but are a also a preferable option to wear in face-melting humid heat. Again, if you’re someone who gyms or swims a lot, a waterproof eyeliner is must-have for you too. If you don’t like the glossy shine of the waterproof liquid eyeliners, you can certainly go for waterproof gel eyeliner which gives a subtle matte finish with the long-lasting formula. After combing, testing, and trying, here’s our list of the best waterproof eyeliner brands in India

Colored eyeliners can brighten up your eyes in seconds. If you are tired of applying the same old black eyeliner, we suggest you start experimenting with colored eyeliners. Try the most popular ones — gold and blue eyeliner — and the edgy ones — yellow and green coloured eyeliner. Use them as single strokes or do eyeliner makeup without eyeshadow, these looks are worth trying!

If you’re looking for the best gel eyeliner brands, it’s highly likely that you are a regular makeup user. What makes gel eyeliners such a great buy for your makeup kit is its consistency. The pigment is richer than those of pencil eyeliners, while the formula is thicker, making it much more easier to apply than liquid eyeliners. There are also gel pencil eyeliners for those who need a firm grip. To help you sort the best from the rest we have sifted through everything in the aisles out there to bring you the best gel eyeliner brands in India.

‘Clogged pores’ is a phrase you’re going to come across one too many times in this article since that’s the key principle of caring for acne prone skin. Clogged pores – caused due to overproduction of oil that traps dirt and dead skin cells – is the main cause of acne.

If you’ve nodded in agreement twice, this post is for you! All the dry skin face masks listed here are simple to make. Mostly, you need to throw in and mix 2 ingredients in a bowl, apply the paste on your face for 15 minutes, and then wash it off with water. It’s that simple!

Using a rich and creamy moisturiser is the first step towards following a proper dry skin care routine. Besides this choose skin care products in your routine that are especially suited for your skin type. Most dry skin products are cream-based that keep your skin hydrated and moisturised all day, all night.

Salon hygiene can be broadly divided into three areas – the products and equipment used (we’d add the salon itself here too), the service given, and the salon professionals themselves. Conversely, the obvious signs of an unhygienic salon are: • Unsanitized equipment and expired products • Untidy service • Ungroomed professional Here are things you should take note of each time you visit a salon or book an at-home salon service

Multani mitti or fuller’s earth has been vouched for by many skincare experts as one of those magical ingredients for oily skin, acne, pimples, and even for dry skin, and hair care too! Here are some of the benefits of using multani mitti for face care routines.

There is no secret about rose water being a beauty secret for centuries. Generations of grandmoms have passed down some much advice about the healing and hydrating properties of gulab jal. And there is much truth in that advice. This natural beauty elixir can treat winter dryness, dullness, acne, puffiness, sunburn and so much more. Use it as cleanser, toner, moisturiser, or add it your face pack, as a part of your beauty regime, and the difference will be a there to see in a matter of weeks.

Cocoa butter is extracted from roasted cacao beans. It contains natural saturated fats and anti-oxidants that help in softening and healing the skin. Cocoa butter uses range from being used standalone or in combination with other ingredients to create face and body creams, body butter, lip balms and more.

That divine smell is lavender’s most defining characteristic, alongside it’s romantic purple shade. But besides these obvious properties, lavender oil (its most common form of use) has been proved to have healing properties and helps with pain relief especially headaches and migraine. As a beauty aid, one can use lavender oil for hair growth and not be disappointed with the results. Lavender oil is known to stimulates hair growth, fight dandruff, and soothe an itchy scalp and other infections. Its antibacterial properties also make it a good remedy for acne.

In India, we absolutely love our colours, don’t we? Our homes are a testimony to that and for good reason, too! Because what colour can do to a space, nothing else can. Brand new wall paint colours, a fresh coat, or even home colour designs, have the power to not only infuse life into our space but to also affect our mood. Therefore, whether you’re moving into a new apartment or renovating your current abode, painting becomes a priority. However, it is more important that you make yourself aware of the know-hows of the painting world too to get the most out of your hired painter.

Wondering what wooden main door design would suit your home entrance the best? We give you some of the most practical, doable yet beautiful ideas to pick from!

You might want to check if your bed direction is in line with the principles of Vastu Shastra. Sleeping in the wrong direction can be bad for your health and well-being, resulting in stress and negativity. As per Vastu, there are a few directions that are good for you, and at least one that must be avoided at all cost.

Whether you’re moving into a new home or remodelling an existing one, it is a good idea to check if the bathrooms and toilets are aligned as per Vastu. A clean bathroom and toilet that adhere to the principles of Vastu Shastra can do you a world of good — from banishing negativity to contributing to overall health and happiness. Vastu Shastra guidelines point towards keeping the bathroom separate from the toilet, but it’s not always practical, especially if you live in an apartment.

the homework for you, voted for our favourites, and narrowed down the search to this curated list of our favourite Asian Paints colour combination. Check them out!

Wooden wardrobes have been around for decades, where the prime material used was real hardwood. But with options widening to include softwood–like those from pine trees as well as engineered wood like MDF and HDF particle boards–there’s a gamut of options out there that have a more relaxed and chic look, and fit in perfectly with your home decor.

Indian apartments are mostly crunched for space. But if you’re among the lucky ones to be blessed with a separate area for a mandir at home, then you’ve ought to have a gorgeous temple door that enhances the beauty of your sacred space. Luckily for you, we’ve curated the best pooja room door designs that you will EVER need. They’re simply gorgeous and just what your mandir at home deserves. Let’s explore!

If you’re like most people, you’ll end up waiting till the last minute to start working on your Diwali decoration ideas for home. It’s either that or the fact that you don’t want to spend too much time, money or effort on your Diwali decor. Either way, don’t give up on yourself just yet. Here are 7 easy and quick ways to brighten up your home this festive season—some are traditional and some are not. Even if you read these a day before Diwali, you’ll have all the arms and ammunition to know how to decorate your home for Diwali and give it a gorgeous festive makeover!

Do you need the Vastu Shastra to guide you on the best colours for your kitchen? This post will help you with just that. So, add a pop of colour to your kitchen and give it a whole new look with our quick list of Vastu colours for kitchens.

Interior Design by NS Decor Are you re-modelling your kitchen? Chances are you want to make it Vastu compliant! After all, the kitchen represents the element of fire. And a fine balance of energies, as per the principles of Vastu Shastra, will ensure that positivity, good health and happiness prevail in your home.

We’ve already written about the best kitchen countertop materials in India. But out of all those, there’s a reason why granite is the go-to material for Indian kitchens. Not only does the stone surface lend a natural and elegant look to the kitchen, but it also is the most practical and durable solution for our kitchens. After all, it is one of the toughest materials that can handle our unique and intense way of cooking (whether that’s with spices like turmeric that can easily stain, or using heavy objects like mortar & pestle, pressure cookers etc). If you are renovating your kitchen, you are in a unique position to upgrade its overall ambiance. Our guide will make the process of selecting the right granite easier for you and help you set the tone for a brand new kitchen.

Whether you’re moving into a new home or remodelling an existing one, it is a good idea to check if the bathrooms and toilets are aligned as per Vastu. A clean bathroom and toilet that adhere to the principles of Vastu Shastra can do you a world of good — from banishing negativity to contributing to overall health and happiness. Vastu Shastra guidelines point towards keeping the bathroom separate from the toilet, but it’s not always practical, especially if you live in an apartment.

You’ve seen it all, but have you seen it all in one place? We put together every single photo and video out there from Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’ big fat wedding, put it under the UrbanClap Weddings lens and culled out what to love, what you shouldn’t miss and which wedding idea you should steal!

Monali & Rahul got married over a 2-day celebration at The Grand Hyatt, Goa followed by a reception at The Club, Mumbai. According to the bride “We wanted the wedding celebrations to be an extension of who we are as individuals hence we had a slightly different flow of events”. The couple wanted the wedding to take place on the very first day so that they could enjoy the union with their family and friends the following day.

One of the biggest weddings of 2018 just wrapped up, and Deepika Padukone with her newly-minted husband, Ranveer Singh, did NOT disappoint. Their wedding photographs are gorgeous, and even though they’ve only released a handful on social media, it’s enough for us to already pick out ideas we want to steal!

Why is the decor of your Haldi stage important? While on your Mehendi function, the bride’s seat is the star of the decor, the mandap is the star attraction on the wedding day. So on your Haldi function, of course, it’s where the bride or groom will be seated that’s the main attraction! Most of us will be ok with hanging a yellow fabric or a handful of flower strings as the backdrop, but with the smallest extra effort, your Haldi stage can look beautiful too!

Why is the decor of your Haldi stage important? While on your Mehendi function, the bride’s seat is the star of the decor, the mandap is the star attraction on the wedding day. So on your Haldi function, of course, it’s where the bride or groom will be seated that’s the main attraction! Most of us will be ok with hanging a yellow fabric or a handful of flower strings as the backdrop, but with the smallest extra effort, your Haldi stage can look beautiful too!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that marigold flowers or pink & yellow theme are not your only options for Mehendi decor anymore. It’s the one function where you can really experiment with the decor, and Indian brides have been doing just that! Where the bride sits to have her mehendi applied, of course, is the central point of all mehendi decor.

When guests arrive at your wedding function, the first thing they see is the entrance decoration! It’s the first place where you can start creating the ambience. So it’s important to think through what it will look like! From unique ideas to simple floral arches, I’ve put together every pretty idea I found for you