When they said, ‘Prevention is better than cure’, it is highly probable they were talking about the Indian monsoons – unpredictable and beautiful, the rains can tough, making preparation utterly imperative.Homeowners should give attention to several key points before indulging in the preparation for a monsoon-ready house. Before the rains cost you innumerable repair charges, take precautionary measures before monsoon sets. Here are some tips that may help you take care of your home and family this monsoon, if you haven’t already. 1. Get your roof ready for the rains.2. Avoid water pooling. 3. Painting 4. Greenery Check 5. Tackle your Doors and your Windows. 6. Clean your Garage 7. Electric connections 8. Prepare an Emergency Kit 9. Furniture care 10. Take care of important documents 11. Insect prevention 12. Drainage blockage 13. Moist free interiors 14. Take care of your family health