You book an electrical repair service follow these simple tips- 1.Word of mouth – Ask around in the neighborhood. 2.Look up online for top companies who deal in home services – Simply type on the search bar – ‘’ Electrical Repair Service in Mumbai’’ 3.Just like your drivers have ratings, look for the ratings of the electricians as well. 4.Make sure he is in uniform if he is representing a company 5.Observe his ability to diagnose the electrical condition 6. Always ask for bills in case of purchase of material Since vocational training is a must these days, don’t hesitate to ask for their certification.Let us provide you with some safety tips which you can follow before serious harm is done. Always make sure electrical appliances like gaming tools and toasters are switched off when not in use. Also, before going to bed, supervise all the electrical equipments. It seems harmless but never overload your sockets. One more thing to keep in mind is if you’re using adaptors, use those bar types that come in with a fuse. The best way to avoid a shock is bringing home a residual current device that protects you from severe electrocution. Another safe bet is to fix the fuse box. Periodically keep a check on plugs and sockets to make sure they are functioning well. Also, you must supervise burnt or frayed wires on appliances atleast once a month.