By: Ram Pawar
1.Vacuuming Clean your carpet with the vacuum cleaner regularly, once in a week to be precise. Focus on the areas that are prone to dirt. Frequent vacuuming does not only increase the life of your carpet but also keeps it fresh and new. It prevents dirt build up, which can eventually cut the carpet fibres. 2.Don’t rub the stains, blot them Rubbing or wiping the stains can make them smudge and go deeper into your carpet leading to premature breakdown of the carpet fibres. So, blot instead for your rug cleaning. 3.Immediate care In most cases, water followed by blotting is sufficient for immediate treatment of the stains. 4.Check for colourfastness Check your carpet for colourfastness before using any commercial cleaning products because unsuited products can damage the colour and texture of your carpet. 5.Hire professional help from time to time Vacuuming regularly is a good maintenance tip but once in a while pamper your carpet by getting it cleaned with the help of professional carpet cleaners. Professional cleaning gives a new life to your carpet and if done correctly, it can help you to manage and maintain your carpet quite well.