By: Neha Ghadge
Detergent overuse- Many people think that using a powerful detergent will give them clothes whiter than their teeth, which is not possible. Wash clothes with cold water- Cold water never harms clothes and are gentle on them, therefore it is advisable to give your clothes the right treatment. Mix and wash your clothes- Are you worried that your new clothes will be spoiled if you mix them with old ones? Don’t be, just go for it, and put them all together as they will come out just fine. Dingy clothes Dull clothes, dirty clothes or clothes that emit foul odour, all can be dealt with. Put them in the sink, tub or washer and leave it overnight. Don’t dry the stain- No one likes stained clothes because they are ugly and dull the appearance of your clothes. Drying your stained clothes will therefore damage it furthermore and make matters worse.