Microwave saves time- This useful home appliance comes with a timer that allows you to set the right time to heat a particular food or beverage. If you want to drink a glass of warm water, then set the timer for a minute but if you want to delight your senses with some scrumptious cookies, then the ideal time is 30 minutes. Heating it fast- A microwave heats food faster and in a better way. Tasty popcorns and biscuits too can be heated in the microwave. Easy to clean- This home appliance can be easily cleaned and maintained. All you need is a clean cotton cloth or a sponge to clean your microwave. Observe less, relax more- In the kitchen, you have to constantly focus on the pressure cooker or keep an eye on the boiling curry that can spill out anytime. Value of life- The life of a microwave depends on how well you clean and maintain it. Even if a problem arises in the microwave.