Slow hard drive- The best solution to clean your hard drive is defragmenting it, although this procedure might take the whole day, but it is the best so far. Memory problem- Trouble kick-starting your laptop, it might not have enough memory to run at a fast pace. Hard drive failure- It is a known fact that if your hard drive crashes, your safest option it to take a backup. The internet is bombarded with software solutions that help retrieve your important data and the best part is they are for free. Not all keys function- Your laptop keys malfunction or springs out when you use it roughly or haphazardly spill your coffee. Laptop makers also guide users some useful tips on how to repair a keyboard. Can’t connect to the world- This can be very frustrating, but the sure shot solution for this is making sure the wireless toggle is switched on. Also, installing a friendly wireless network software that helps you connect wherever you’re at, is a good choice.