By: Priya kadam
Another year has gone by and festival season is back again! India can never be complete without its special foods and good hospitality, and Diwali, the festival of lights, is the most awaited festival of India. Diwali though is a time to feast, many health conscious people prefer to stay away from traditional sweets. As these greasy sweets usually come in the form of gifts from family and friends, it's natural to give in to the urge and at least taste the tempting dessert. However, if you are a health fanatic and are looking for some healthy gifting ideas this Diwali, you are in for a treat. So this Diwali, why not be a little untraditional and gift everyone the gift of health. Look a little more closely at gifts, and try to combine taste with health.1. Exotic “all-natural” Fruit Basket. 2. Nuts and Dried Fruits. 3. Assortment of Herbs.4. Vouchers for Spa Sessions. 5. Creative Diyas. 6. Basket full of Tea.