A BROAD TOOTHED COMB- This definitely isn’t one of your fancy vanity tips, but the simplest tips are always the best. Hair spa at salon is awesome, but if you can get the hair spa like effect while travelling, why not? SUNSCREEN SPF FOUNDATION- A sunscreen is inevitable if you want to protect your skin from the UV rays and your foundation is your everyday basic. It can’t get better than this! So have you shopped for yours yet? LIP BALM- Lips don’t lie! As lipsticks are not suitable for all occasions, but your lips are always being looked at, lip balm comes to your rescue. Make sure you take one MAKE –UP BRUSHES- Ladies, we all know how important contouring is. So how can you miss out on those pretty fluffy make up brushes? It is your Go-To Diva Tool! BODY MASSAGE OIL- Your face and hair definitely needs attention, but hey what about your body? It’s craving for your attention too. Indulge in a few minutes of body massage to leave yourself feeling rejuvenated all over again.