Happiness is intangible. And this is where Service Leader draws its inspiration from: the happiness of its users. It’s easy for upcoming start-ups to focus on profits or the numbers and then work around it. But the team of Service Leader has realized that what matters at the end of the day is the smile on the face of those awesome people that use the application. Service Leader has been receiving numerous feedbacks over the past few months. To be frank, it’s a mixed bag of positive and negative reviews with the former out numbering the latter. When the team springs into action to curb the problems mentioned in the negative reviews, the positive reviews inspire them to deliver more happiness to the users. One such review was posted by Mr. Harikrishnan Nair.As Service Leader continues to grow with each passing day, two things remain constant: What the team works for and what inspires the team. Like you would've guessed already, it is indeed the happiness of its users.