By: Anuja Yadav
From a simple smile to a hearty laugh, the reactions that arose on the faces were different. There were, however, some common emotions that showed up – Happiness, surprise, and most importantly, Love. This is what the Service Leader team encountered this past Wednesday on Valentine’s Day when they set out to deliver love. The first delivery of the team was at 7 AM in the morning. The surprise gift was a specially requested cake with a personalized message on it and a rose bouquet. As the recipient stood speechless with happiness seeing the surprise Valentine’s Day gift, the team realized that they were onto something special. Having the responsibility of making someone’s day can be stressful. Similarly, being invited into a love story with an opportunity to add beauty to it is no cakewalk. But what fuelled the Service Leader team was the reactions that we mentioned earlier. As the team finished their last delivery on the midnight of Valentine’s Day, all these reactions came together to solve the puzzle – Love.